The Writing Process: Editing

By: Jannelle


Ah you’re almost done, and for someone who is not looking to publish this is in fact your finale step. This is the kind of editing where you look at grammar and spelling, word choice and really craft your work into a finely sculpted piece of artwork. In this post I will go over some tips and tricks that will get your work over the finish line.

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The Writing Process: Revision

By: Jannelle

re·vise | \ ˈrē-ˌvīz,  ri-ˈvīz\
Definition of revise
1: an act of revising REVISION
2: a printing proof that incorporates changes marked in a previous proof


There are some key differences between this, the revision stage, and the editing stage that follows shortly. In this post we will be going over some of those key differences and giving you some techniques to make great revisions.

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