Why We Write

By: Jannelle

We as humans have evolved an advanced form of communication, writing. A complex conversion of shapes representing noises that we make as air passes over our vocal cords in various stages of flexion, and the ideas that those sounds pair with meanings within out language in the form of words. These words represent a range of ideas from quite simplistic to the very intricate meanings of the existentialism of life and beyond.

Writing allows us to put those words down on a page and then through those words pass those thoughts and ideas that we have on to others, be it your classmate next to you with a simple note, or the epiphanies of a scholar that lived long before you.

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What Makes A Writer

By: Jannelle

Writers write. That’s the big secret.

To be a writer one must write, it is that simple and all at the same time that overwhelmingly difficult.

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