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Dec 30th – Jan 4th Bulletin

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Weekly Submissions

Monday January 7th, 2019 is hosting weekly prompt submissions. Every Monday we will put up a short response writing prompt, and applicants will have till Friday, at midnight, to submit their submissions responses.

Your submission has the chance to be featured in our weekly bulletin, the Friday after the submissions deadline for the prompt you are submitting for.

Selected entries and their applicants can be feature with their website, or social links, in the weekly bulletin. As well as have the chance to participate in a monthly featured writer exchange.

Details about the writer exchange will be emailed to the provided email, on the submissions form of selected applicants.

Read more about our weekly submissions opportunities over on the submissions page.

The Writing Process

Over the next few weeks we will be talking about the writing process. I have a whole series of posts to put up on the topic. Tuesday the 8th we will kick off with an overview of the writing process, and then covering the individual steps in the subsequent posts that will go up every Tuesday and Thursday.

This Week on

What Makes A Writer

Tuesday January 1st, 2019

“To be a writer one must write, it is that simple and all at the same time that overwhelmingly difficult.”


The first post of 2019 went up this week on Tuesday. In fact this was the first post ever to go up on the site. 

What Makes a Writer looks at the qualifications for the title of being a writer. In doing so we look deeper into the psychology of what it means to label ourselves within these constructions of society. Moving past that to find who we are to ourselves and how we ultimately identify.

If this sounds like something you have or are struggling with as a creative person, give this article a read.

Why We Write

Thursday January 3rd, 2019

“We write to produce our best ideas in their best possible form for others to consume.”


The quote above was simple my favorite answer the the question of why we write, and I discuss several other in this article. Many of the themes put forward in this post come from my recent reading of The Written World by Martin Puchner, and I would recommend his book if you found this article of interest. Though Puchner’s book does not give a complete history of writing, it does go into the ways writing has shaped our human history through important persons, and works of writing. Out right this might not answer why we write, but it gave me so much inspiration on the importance of writing, and this in it’s self is a reason to write as evident by my post.