The Writing Process: Drafting

By: JannelleDrafting

Going through your first draft can be a daunting process. However with proper pre-writing and planning in place you are ready to sail through the scenes of your first rough draft.

For some writers this might be your first step in the writing process, though I would highly encourage you to go back to my post here where I talk about planning and pre-writing, it can save you a lot of time and heartache in this drafting stage.

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The Writing Process: Planning and Pre-writing

By: Jannelle

When you’ve got a novel idea, the planning and pre-writing phase can equip you with the necessary tools to face that first blank page head on. Many writers skip this phase and opt for a creative flow, letting the story tell them what to write; but if you are having trouble with getting all your ideas in where you want them, even just a little planning can go a long way. 

The following techniques and tools are listed in my overview of the writing process, and below I will be going over them more in depth down below.

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The Writing Process: A Creative Rule Breakers Guide

By: Jannelle

Depending on who you ask the writing process can look dramatically different. Each writer has their own way of getting the mess inside their heads onto the page and crafting it into creative literary genius, and for most writers this process takes awhile to develop. Many will never establish a consistent routine for their writing as each project they take on may have various different needs.

Instead the writing process can be fluid and changing. The truth is not only will different writers need different writing processes, but so too will their various writing projects need their own time and consideration in what will work best to get the best final polished piece.

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Why We Write

By: Jannelle

We as humans have evolved an advanced form of communication, writing. A complex conversion of shapes representing noises that we make as air passes over our vocal cords in various stages of flexion, and the ideas that those sounds pair with meanings within out language in the form of words. These words represent a range of ideas from quite simplistic to the very intricate meanings of the existentialism of life and beyond.

Writing allows us to put those words down on a page and then through those words pass those thoughts and ideas that we have on to others, be it your classmate next to you with a simple note, or the epiphanies of a scholar that lived long before you.

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What Makes A Writer

By: Jannelle

Writers write. That’s the big secret.

To be a writer one must write, it is that simple and all at the same time that overwhelmingly difficult.

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