By: Jannelle Holder

About this story…

I began to write this short story about the metaphorical life of a fictional character, back in 2017. It is one of the earliest works I ever completed from start to finish.

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The Writing Process: Publishing

By: Jannelle


Here is where you really get to celebrate, you have a finished polished book! JK this is where the rest of it begins.

There are two major ways to get a book published. Traditionally or on your own with self-publishing. Both have their advantages and disadvantages and navigating the publishing side of writing takes a whole different set of skills including, marketing and business.

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The Writing Process: Editing

By: Jannelle


Ah you’re almost done, and for someone who is not looking to publish this is in fact your finale step. This is the kind of editing where you look at grammar and spelling, word choice and really craft your work into a finely sculpted piece of artwork. In this post I will go over some tips and tricks that will get your work over the finish line.

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The Writing Process: Revision

By: Jannelle

re·vise | \ ˈrē-ˌvīz,  ri-ˈvīz\
Definition of revise
1: an act of revising REVISION
2: a printing proof that incorporates changes marked in a previous proof


There are some key differences between this, the revision stage, and the editing stage that follows shortly. In this post we will be going over some of those key differences and giving you some techniques to make great revisions.

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The Writing Process: Drafting

By: Jannelle

Going through your first draft can be a daunting process. However with proper pre-writing and planning in place you are ready to sail through the scenes of your first rough draft.

For some writers this might be your first step in the writing process, though I would highly encourage you to go back to my post here where I talk about planning and pre-writing, it can save you a lot of time and heartache in this drafting stage.

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Jan 14 – 18 Writing Prompt 2019

After an eternity of being held within the planet you created, by the lifeforms you crafted in your own image. Some clumsy creature has set you free of your prison, where they locked you away all those years ago. What do you do in light of your new found freedom?

Writing Prompt Jan 14th – 18th

Rules and Regulations is hosting weekly prompt submissions. Every Monday we will put up a short response writing prompt, and applicants will have till Friday, at midnight, to submit their submissions responses. 

Your submission has the chance to be featured in our weekly bulletin, the Friday after the submissions deadline for the prompt you are submitting for. 

Selected entries and their applicants can be feature with their website, or social links, in the weekly bulletin. As well as have the chance to participate in a monthly featured writer exchange. 

Details about the writer exchange will be emailed to the provided email, on the submissions form of selected applicants.

Example timeline.

  • Monday January the 7th, Weekly writing prompt is posted
  • Friday January the 11th, at midnight Central Time, deadline from entry submissions for this weekly prompt
  • Friday the 18th, this is the date your submission would be featured were you selected, in the bulletin.

Weekly prompt submissions applicants must be at least 18 years of age to enter their submissions to be reviewed.

Response prompts should be no longer than 500 words in length, unless specified by the weekly prompt you are submitting for. You are welcome to only submit a portion of your writing and link back to the whole piece, however only the submitted 500 words will be considered for review.

Entry Applicants may enter under a pen name, or the title of anonymous, when submitting their response. The name entered on the submission form will be used if selected for the bulletin, i.e. fill in the name space on the submissions form with your name, a pen name, or the title of anonymous. You may also check the anonymous box before hitting the submit button, and your response will be title as anonymous. holds the rights to take down any post submitted by anyone at anytime, notice will be sent to the provided email, if this action is taken regarding why and when the post will be taken down.

By submitting your response you are agreeing to be featured if selected, you still hold the rights to publish your work wherever else you see fit. If there is a problem with having your work featured please contact the admins of, and all reasonable measures will be taken to correct the issue, thank you.

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The Writing Process: Planning and Pre-writing

By: Jannelle

When you’ve got a novel idea, the planning and pre-writing phase can equip you with the necessary tools to face that first blank page head on. Many writers skip this phase and opt for a creative flow, letting the story tell them what to write; but if you are having trouble with getting all your ideas in where you want them, even just a little planning can go a long way. 

The following techniques and tools are listed in my overview of the writing process, and below I will be going over them more in depth down below.

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